Monday, 29 September 2014

Jobs in Tanzania at RickGreen Company Ltd - Marketing Officer

Job Title: Marketing Officer

Employer: RickGreen Company Ltd

Duty Station: Mbeya, Tanzania

Application Deadline: 31st Oct 2014

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities:

To communicate with personnel form of all levels of management that is from the top-level management, the middle level management and the bottom level employees. This is essential because employees from levels of management are involved in some or the other way in the proper and timely implementation of marketing strategies adopted by the company.
To coordinate with the advertising staff to take the brief information from the clients as per their requirement. This helps the art department to create an accurate design regarding the product.
Timely placement of the product that is the finished good in the market so that the sales happen within the shelf-life of the product.
Ability to create software designs, brochures, banners, posters,  newsletters and other promotional materials which are required to  market a particular product or a service.
Sound knowledge to create weekly, monthly and annual reports to keep track of the sales and correct implementation of marketing techniques enforced by the marketing head of the company.
Ability to deal with the clients, designers, vendors as well as the  personnel from the printing industry, as they play an active role in the release of the newsletters and press release while introducing a new product into the market.

Required Experience:

This work requires 2-3 years of work experience. This duration differs as per the various job positions in the field, which differs considerably as per the job responsibilities entitled to a particular position.
Sound experience in coordinating with various aspects involved in the product life-cycle.
Proven ability to wisely implement the seven P's of marketing
Proven ability to submit the documentation to the marketing manager on time, so that a track record of the various stages involved in the marketing process can be properly kept.
Sound ability to provide suggestions regarding changes in the marketing strategies by bringing needed changes in the promotional strategies.
Sound ability to implement tools of corporate communication to meet the targets defined by the marketing manager.

Skills Required:

Skills required to work in the field of marketing involve sound knowledge of various marketing principles. For this, a Diploma in marketing or a post graduate diploma will be of advantage to execute the duties and Responsibilities.
Good communication skills and good knowledge of both English and Swahili language
Extrovert personality to deal with people of varied temperaments
Computer efficiency to prepare daily and weekly report to be sent to  the immediate reporting authority.
Good analytical skills to do cost-analysis
Ability to make optimum utilization of resources as well as the budget
Knowledge about preparing press releases, newsletters, emails,  Internet marketing tools such as blogs, forum posts, etc.• Accuracy and judgment to make practical changes whenever required  while doing the actual implementation of marketing strategies.
Awareness about the changing financial policies and Vertinery and Meat sector programme

Payment Package
Good payment with benefits will be granted to a potential candidate

How to Apply:

Qualified applicants should apply electronically through this email ( ) where the applicant is suppose to attaché two passport size the blue background, CV with three references. In his/her letter should state how much he/she expect to earn monthly. The contacts: Human Resource Manager,  RickGreen Company Ltd, Meat Equipment Supply Project, E-mail address: