Monday, 29 September 2014

Administrative and Finance Clark at RickGreen Company Ltd

Job Title: Administrative and Finance Clark

Employer: RickGreen Company Ltd

Duty Station: Mbeya, Tanzania

Application Deadline: 31st Oct 2014

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities:

Administrative clerk has to provide the adequate administrative and secretarial operations which results in a clean and legal activity for the office environment. This includes tasks like;
Typing a meeting's agenda,
Transcribing copies, inputs, retrieves, formats and edits or transmitting graphics, correspondence, data and other documents.
Process documents like proposals, manuscripts, documents or letters and departing mail.
Another responsibility is keeping records of documents, correspondence, meetings and agendas.  Besides paperwork, they have to be sure that everything in the office is in its right place, organized.
Receptionist tasks regarding inside and outside people and messages.
Assist guests in their visit.
Answer phone calls and record any new message.
Record financial request and other transactions

Moreover, if questions are asked, the administrative clerk has to patiently answer them if related to the office.  She should make appointments and provide general information.

The personal and technical skills:

• One should possess great knowledge about managing an office and the ability to record information in the most efficient and clear way possible.
• Working in this field requires collaborating with office colleagues, so the administrative clerk has to be able to work in teams and combine interpersonal skills with an analytical way of solving problems and issues.
• Should be very fluent and effective when listening to and  communicating with team mates and have a very fine sense for details.
• As an effect to working in office environment, this kind of employee should have very developed organizational capabilities.  She should also be effective in writing and have the required computer skills.  These skills include working with word and spreadsheets, processing applications and correspondence software.
• Stressful environment should not be a problem for a professional administrative clerk although she will count on time management and will have deadlines to complete.

Educational requirement:

The candidate should be a Diploma holder with sufficient experience and knowledge about Mbeya Region will be of added value to applicant.
Payment Package
Good payment with benefits will be granted to potential candidate

How to Apply:

Qualified applicants should apply electronically through this email ( ) where the applicant is suppose to attaché two passport size the blue background, CV with three references. In his/her letter should state how much he/she expect to earn monthly. The contacts: Human Resource Manager,  RickGreen Company Ltd, Meat Equipment Supply Project, E-mail address: