Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Secretary Wanted at US Embassy Tanzania

Job Title: Secretary

Employer: US Embassy

Duty Station: Dar Es Saalam

Application Deadline: 25th August 2014

The US Embassy is seeking an individual for the position of Secretary at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This is a full-time Personal Services Contract position.

As Mission Director’s; Deputy Director’s (2) & Regional Legal Officer (RLO) Secretary, the incumbent is required to assist in a wide variety of tasks to enable the Director; Deputy Director and RLO increase their capacity and effectiveness in the overall leadership responsibilities.

1) Responsible for all logistical support for the Front Office (tripling of the responsibilities in terms of the number of individuals that she supports (the integration of the 3 new positions (Deputy Mission Director; 2nd Deputy Mission Director & RLO) in the Mission Management Structure:

a) Making appointments and conferences arrangements with high-level visiting U.S.G Representatives, host-government officials, Mission staff, Embassy staff (Ambassador and/or DCM), Other USG Agencies; U.S. Government visiting officials, other development partners, and USAID Contractors. This includes scheduling the conference room if required, notifying participants, preparing or collecting background material for use during meetings/conferences. Keep the Mission Director, Deputy Directors (2), RLO and other participants informed, giving enough lead time, when they are required to participate in such meetings/conferences.

b) Maintaining the Mission Director’s, Deputy Directors (2) and RLO’s calendar: scheduling appointments without prior consultation.

c) Arranging international and in-country officials travels for the Mission Director, Deputy Directors (2) and RLO: coordinating flight bookings with Travel Agent, and preparing required documentation i.e. trip request, travel authorization and travel voucher.


All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.
Education: Form IV Secondary School Certificate; advance studies training in Administration/Secretarial and Computer training.
Prior Work Experience: Minimum of three years secretarial/administrative experience is required.
Language proficiency: Level III (Good working knowledge) English and Level IV (Fluent) Kiswahili is required.
Knowledge: Complete familiarity with USAID Handbooks and Records management; general familiarity with relevant USAID policies, procedures and regulations.
Skills and Abilities: Demonstrable analytical and decision-making abilities and skills to carryout assigned duties. Types (50WPM); MS Windows, Word, Excel is required. Ability to work well with American and with FSN employees of all levels; ability to work independently.


When fully qualified, US Citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFMs) and US Veterans are given preference. Therefore, it is essential that the candidate specifically address the required qualifications above in the application.

Management will consider nepotism/conflict of interest, budget, and residency status in determining successful candidacy.


Interested candidates for this position must submit the following for consideration of the application:
Universal Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174). A hard copy of the application form (DS-174) is also available at the American Embassy, gate 3; or
A combination of both; i.e. Sections 1 -24 of the UAE along with a listing of the applicant’s work experience attached as a separate sheet; or
A current resume or curriculum vitae that provides the same information found on the UAE (see section 3A below for more information); plus
Candidates who claim US Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application. Candidates who claim conditional US Veterans preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a conditional preference in hiring with their application.
Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.
3A. If an applicant is submitting a resume or curriculum vitae, s/he must provide the following information equal to what is found on the UAE.

Failure to do so will result in an incomplete application.
A. Position Title
B. Position Grade
C. Vacancy Announcement Number (if known)
D. Dates Available for Work
E. First, Middle, & Last Names as well as any other names used
F. Date and Place of Birth
G. Current Address, Day, Evening, and Cell phone numbers
H. U.S. Citizenship Status (Yes or No) & status of permanent U.S. Resident (Yes or No; if yes, provide number)
I. U.S. Social Security Number and/or Identification Number
J. Eligibility to work in the country (Yes or No)
K. Special Accommodations the Mission needs to provide
L. If applying for position that includes driving a U.S. Government vehicle, Driver’s License Class / Type
M. Days available to work
N. List any relatives or members of your household that work for the U.S. Government (include their Name, Relationship, & Agency, Position, Location)
O. U.S. Eligible Family Member and Veterans Hiring Preference
P. Education
Q. License, Skills, Training, Membership, & Recognition
R. Language Skills
S. Work Experience
T. References

American Embassy
Human Resources Office
P.O. Box 9123
Dar es Salaam


Telephone: 229 4000, Ext: 4137/4148/4233/4024
Fax: 2294726 or 2294970