Thursday, 10 July 2014

Listening Post Coordinator Job at Farm Radio International

Job Title: Listening Post Coordinator 
Employer: Farm Radio International

Duty Station:  Arusha

Application Deadline: 17th July 2014

The Listening Post (LP) is an interactive channel through which farmers in Tanzania can give real time opinions and comments on development projects/campaigns that affect them and their communities. 
Through the use of FM Radio broadcasts, mobile phones and other multimedia (video, audio and  photos) - the Listening Post will build a two way communication relationship between development  projects implementers (such as Gates Foundation grantees) and their beneficiaries (Tanzanian farmers)  in order to improve accountability and impact of the projects. 
The position of Listening Post Coordinator is open. Farm Radio International is looking to hire for the  position which will include the following: 

Roles and Responsibilities - The Listening Post Coordinator will: 
● Coordinate activities between various stakeholders in the project: 
○ Coordinate events such as trainings, stakeholder meetings and baseline research amongst partners 
○ Ensure Radio station partners/production teams are engaged weekly 
○ Liaise with Community Listening Groups (CLGs) and ensure smooth flow of interactions with Listening Post is being maintained. 
○ Coordinate with translators to identify key content and translate swahili into english 
○ Maintain regular interaction with Listening Post technical staff to ensure smooth  operation of technical channels (mobile phone polls/interactions) 
○ Maintain the Listening Post “Dashboard” (online) to ensure all stakeholders have up to  date information on various LP campaigns 
● Manage campaign content and interactions between stakeholders: 
○ Work with radio partners and Farm Radio program staff to prepare content/scripts for:  live radio broadcasts, pre-recorded audio messages, mobile radio polls, SMS interactions  and more. 
● Monitor Listening Post activities and update Dashboard 
○ Assemble weekly reports from Radio partners including audio recordings and broadcaster logsheets. 
○ Provide feedback to radio partners on their LP radio campaigns and interactions 
○ Follow up with CLGs to ensure their regular interactions are received 
○ Summarize all monitored interactions to keep LP Dashboard up to date 
● Report writing 
○ Write reports on a regular schedule to report on LP activities and key milestones 
● Business Development 
○ Explore ways in which the Listening Post could become a business model that could  benefit multiple parties, be financially sustainable and expand within Tanzania and  outwards to other countries in the future. 
● Education: Post secondary degree/diploma 
● Work experience: At least five years working experience in relevant field 
● Language: Excellent written/spoken English and Kiswahili 
Work experience in all or a combination of the following: 
● Experience with radio stations: in some capacity you have either worked at a radio station or 
as a partner implementing a project/business 
● Experience with farmers and rural people: comfortable working in the field, visiting rural 
communities and conducting meetings with various groups and individuals 
● Passion for communication technologies: familiar with SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), 
WhatsApp, Android smartphones and other communication technologies that can facilitate 
interaction with farmers in rural areas. 
● An innovative business thinker: you have some experience with business ventures in Tanzania. 
This has given you some good ideas on how the Listening Post could eventually move from a 
project with two radio stations into a business idea that can grow within Tanzania and then to 
other countries. 
● Good communication multitasker: you have experience working with a variety of different 
types of people on a regular basis using phones, email, face to face meetings and balancing your 
workload. You have experience writing reports in english. 
This position will be based at Farm Radio’s regional office in Njiro, Arusha, Tanzania and specifically at 
the Hangar: Radio & ICT Innovation Lab ( 
✓ The Listening Post Coordinator will report to the Regional Radio & ICT Manager, also in the 
✓ Please email a cover letter and a detailed CV to 
✓ Closing date for applications is July 17th, 2014. 
✓ Due to time pressures, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. 
✓ Note: Put “Listening Post Coordinator” in the subject line of the email