Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Teller Careers at FINCA International Inc in Tanzania

Job Title: Teller

Employer: FINCA International Inc - Tanzania

Duty Station: Tanzania

Application Deadline: 30th May 2014

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities:

Receive cash in form of savings deposits, loan repayments and any other fees or charges related to loans.
Pay cash through recaps to groups
Thoroughly verify cash in the physical presence of the other party/customer/back office supervisor/other teller (note by note and coin by coin) and where doubts exist inform concerned.
Loan repayments to be received across the counter and update the transactions instantly on the village bank group or individual client loan account.
loan disbursement to be done at a FINCA Tanzania authorized centre
Teller to observe till limits, whenever a teller accumulates cash in excess of the established till limit notify Back Office Supervisor or Branch Accountant to offload cash.
Count cash on hand and balance the day’s accounts. A teller must ensure that figures and total balances reflected by the system match with physical cash at hand at close of business on a daily basis.
Teller to notify the Back Office Supervisor about any cash differences/counterfeit notes.  Excess cash must be declared.
At a close of business or during the day where business is low the Back Office Supervisor or where there is no Back Office Supervisor, the teller is expected to transfer a lump sum of excess cash to a FINCA Account in a nearby commercial bank.
Every teller must generate teller transaction list which shows all the transactions posted on clients’ loan accounts on daily basis.
Generate a teller balance report which shows net cash closed with and a breakdown by totals of amounts received on loan repayments, other deposits like loan refunds, loan recoveries of written off loans, etc
Note and verify significant information as required by policy/procedure.
Maintain favourable customer relations through proper handling of all collection and disbursement functions.
Exercise discretion, judgment and initiative regarding transaction problems and inquiries.
Direct customers to appropriate employees for answers to only the most complex problems or enquiries.
Attention to details is most important because mistake can be costly and where money is concerned, customers naturally have a great interest in ensuring their money is handled correctly.
Any other duties assigned by supervisor.

Personal Specifications:

Diploma from a recognised institution is a must.
Requires a level headed and friendly individual who is good with numbers and has the ability to work well under pressure at all times.
Ability to always remain calm and professional since s/he is visible face of the organization
Must be computer literate.
Accuracy is absolutely essential–when dealing with money and computers
Should be honest, neat and tidy in appearance.
Tellers must feel comfortable handling large amounts of cash
Maturity, tact and the ability to quickly explain procedures and services are important in helping clients complete transactions.

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FINCA International Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.