Thursday, 6 March 2014

Human Resources Assistant Job at American Embassy

Job Title: Human Resources Assistant

Employer: American Embassy – Tanzania

Duty Station: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Application Deadline: 6th March 2014

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities;

Prepares vacancy announcements for LE Staff positions and ensures their distribution within the Mission and local media to introduce announcements to potential qualified candidates. Collects applications for vacancies and screens them according to advertised required qualifications. Coordinates with supervisor of the vacancy for interviews, prepares interview worksheets, and attends the interviews as observer to ensure that the recruitment processes are according to set guidelines. Conducts English/Kiswahili testing and any other relevant testing required by the supervisor. Advises applicants of selection/non-selection. Make analysis of compensation elements of applicant's current salaries and recommends starting salaries to the HR Management Specialist. Obtains pre-employment clearances - Coordinates with Health Unit to obtain medical clearances and RSO to obtain security clearance.
Process conditional and formal letters of employment.
Process all hiring paperwork for new employee, personnel action, personal service agreements, etc via Post Personnel. Conducts orientation on employee's first day of hire.
Responsible for training and employee development records for all STATE LE Staff. Publishes training announcements from FSI or other posts accordingly. Solicit section's training needs at the beginning of the fiscal year and forwards spreadsheet to the Finance office for budget planning. Inform sections of funding availability and seek their prioritized list of training depending on funding available. Walks through the process with the employee by helping with pre-departure arrangements and ensures that all relevant forms are completed. Makes sure employee completes the "Repayment Agreement" form and maintains the training spreadsheet. Conducts surveys for identifying potential training institutions locally for possible training opportunities that would be available locally. Liaise with FSI or other AF posts to check on possibilities of bringing training to post and coordinate accordingly.
Answers queries for employees on leave, evaluation reports, compensation, promotions, separations and other benefits.
Responsible for keeping track and updating Post Personnel Software to maintain current information for all local positions and LE Staff records at post. Responsible for preparing renewals and extensions of the Personnel Service Agreements of all LE Staff.
Maintains the Official Personnel Folders for all Locally Employed Staff of all agencies (except USAID) Insuring that all necessary documentation and forms are complete and filed accordingly. Also maintains subject files on issues concerning LE Staff. Drafts various letters, memos and cables. Maintains good level of office supplies and submits requests when required.
Acts as a backup to the 2nd Human Resources Assistant position and performs any other duties assigned.

Qualifications Required:

Completion of Secondary School is required.
Three years of experience performing Human Resources or general administrative work is required.

Language proficiency:
Level IV (fluent) in English and Kiswahili (speaking, writing and reading) is required. Written products such as cables, and reports are required of this position.

Good working level understanding and knowledge of Foreign Affairs Manual, Foreign Affairs Handbook,
ICASS Handbook and applicable ICASS/HR cable guidance, Standardized Regulations,
Management Policies and Procedures and other pertinent Tanzanian Government law/regulations governing Local employees.

Skills and Abilities:

Computer knowledge in various software is required.
Must be highly organized, personable, tactful, and capable of maintaining good working relationship with employees and supervisors.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates for this position must submit the following for consideration of the application:

Universal Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174). A hard copy of the application form (DS-174) is also available at the American Embassy, gate 3; or

A combination of both; i.e. Sections 1 -24 of the UAE along with a listing of the applicant’s work experience attached as a separate sheet; or

A current resume or curriculum vitae that provides the same information found on the UAE (see section 3A below for more information); plus

Candidates who claim US Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application. Candidates who claim conditional US Veterans preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a conditional preference in hiring with their application.

Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.

3A. If an applicant is submitting a resume or curriculum vitae, s/he must provide the following information equal to what is found on the UAE.

Failure to do so will result in an incomplete application.

A. Position Title
B. Position Grade
C. Vacancy Announcement Number (if known)
D. Dates Available for Work
E. First, Middle, & Last Names as well as any other names used
F. Date and Place of Birth
G. Current Address, Day, Evening, and Cell phone numbers
H. U.S. Citizenship Status (Yes or No) & status of permanent U.S. Resident (Yes or No; if yes, provide number)
I. U.S. Social Security Number and/or Identification Number
J. Eligibility to work in the country (Yes or No)
K. Special Accommodations the Mission needs to provide
L. If applying for position that includes driving a U.S. Government vehicle, Driver’s License Class / Type
M. Days available to work
N. List any relatives or members of your household that work for the U.S. Government (include their Name, Relationship, & Agency, Position, Location)
O. U.S. Eligible Family Member and Veterans Hiring Preference
P. Education
Q. License, Skills, Training, Membership, & Recognition
R. Language Skills
S. Work Experience
T. References

Submit Application To:

American Embassy
Human Resources Office
P.O. Box 9123
Dar es Salaam
Telephone: 229 4000, Ext: 4137/4148/4233/4024
Fax: 2294726 or 2294970