Thursday, 13 March 2014

Consultant Job Vacancy at Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Tanzania

Job Title: Consultant

Employer: Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Duty Station:  Iringa, Tanzania

Application Deadline: 13th March 2014

Job Description:


The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is an International NGO working in Tanzania with a global and continental mission to “save wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature.”

In light of the above, WCS entered into a cooperative agreement with the GoT in May 1999, and has been assisting the GoT in implementing Wildlife Policy by facilitating the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) process in accordance with the WMA Regulations 2002 and 2012 and related GoT laws and regulations.  WCS recognizes that the creation of WMAs and the   devolvement of wildlife management and user rights to the local communities outside core protected areas can be an effective approach towards enhancing conservation of natural resources, ensuring improved governance and enhanced livelihoods among the communities inhabiting these areas.

To date, WCS, through its Ruaha Landscape Program, has facilitated the development of MBOMIPA WMA (21 Villages) in Iringa District,establishment of UMEMARUWA WMA (16 Villages) in Mbarali and Wanging’ombe (formerly Njombe) Districts, and Waga WMA (5 Villages) in Iringa, Mufindi and Mbarali Districts and more recently has been facilitating the development of MpimbweWMA inMlele and NkasiDistricts.

The formulation of a Resource Management Zone Plan is part of the obligatory WMA process (WMA Regulations 2012), and is an important regulatory tool aimedat ensuring effective monitoring of land tenure and land use at village level(as acknowledged in the Participatory Land Use Plans[PVLUP]), and to avoid unreasonable conflict of interests over land tenure and natural resourceuse.

WCS is issuing this tender for a consultant to facilitate preparation/formation of the Resource Management Zone Plan forMpimbweWMA and its five member villages.Mpimbwe WMA is located southeast of Katavi National Park in western Tanzania, and provides a buffer zone to the National Park as well as toLwafi Game Reserve in the west.

Scope Of The Consultancy:

(a) Conduct a technical workshop with the participation ofthe WMA representatives and other local village and district stakeholders, in order to:
i. Analyze potential and current problems and challenges facing the WMA that might impact implementation of the RMZP document;
ii. Analyze the ecological significance of the WMA;
iii. Analyze the information datasheet of Mpimbwe WMA;
iv. Undertake technical decisions on zoning, based on the Information datasheet;
v. Describe the activities that can and cannot occur in each zone;
vi. Set limits of use or acceptable change;
vii. Describe the rationale for existing and proposed development activities in each zone.

(b) Carry out a survey to demarcate the management zones, and prepare GIS-based maps for each WMA to show the following:
i. Vicinity/location map of the WMA showing adjacent neighboring protected areas;
ii. Management zone map showing infrastructure and physical features in each specified zone and a land cover map for each WMA;
iii. The size of the land contributed by each village in each specified zone.
(c) Carry out a rapid environmental assessment for the proposed activities/programs in each WMA and provide an environmental statement related to proposed actions;
(d) Develop and prepare the Resource Management Zone Plan document;
(e) Conduct a second workshop to present and obtain WMA CBO approval of the document;
(f) Send the completed RMZP to the Director of Wildlife Division for endorsement.

Qualifications, Experience And Skills Required:
(a) Masters Degree/Bachelor Degree in GIS, remote sensing and/or environment and natural resource management;
(b) At least 5 years working experience in natural resource management; demonstrated experience in Resource Management Zone planninga strong advantage;
(c) Demonstrated knowledge of natural resource utilization, laws and regulations pertaining to protected areas and village lands;
(d) Demonstrated experience in public speaking and mass communication skills/approaches relevant to the above;
(e) Demonstrated deep understanding and familiarity with Tanzania’s political, socio-economic, environment and law making processes;
(f) Demonstrated deepunderstanding and familiarity with the WMAs concept and their status and impact across Tanzania;
(g) Demonstrated commitment to the values of social justice, human rights, gender equity/equality and cultural awareness and sensitivity;
(h) Fluent in spoken and written Swahili and English.

Time Frame:

The consultancy must be completed within21 days, effective from the date of signature of this contract.


An inception report detailing the methodology to be adopted, time frame and the proposed budget before commencement of the assignment;
Copies of the minutes and attendance sheets from all consultative meetings;
Shape-files for the WMA showing boundaries and zonation;
Four copies(two hard and two soft, in Swahili and English) of the Resource Zone Management Plan. The report shall have the following as annexes:
a) Vicinity/location map of the WMA showing adjacent neighboring protected areas (Ruaha National Park and Mpanga/Kipengere Game Reserve);
b) Management zone map showing infrastructure and physical features in each specified zone as well as a land cover map for the WMA;
c) The size of the land contributed by each village in each specified zone.

How to Apply:

All interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications including the following:
i) Letter of interest written on a consultancy’s official headed paper,
ii) Curriculum Vitae (CVs) of the consultancy’s team members and
iii) a proposal (including clear methodologies and detailed budget) regarding the execution of the work to: copying
iv) OR through our office located at Plot 197, Block 1B,Wilolesi, Iringa. For any queries, please call us on 0262700860.

The Project Director,
WCS Ruaha-Katavi Landscape Program,
P.O. Box 1654, Iringa, Tanzania