Thursday, 27 March 2014

Chief Executive Officer at Tanzania Truck Owners Association

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Employer: Tanzania Truck Owners Association

Duty Station: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Application Deadline: 15th April 2014

Job Description:


To advise the board of directors on policies affecting the transportation industry;
To provide strategic leadership and an operational direction of the Association;
To formulates corporate vision, objectives, strategies of the association for realization of the transportation sector growth and its contribution to the Economy;
To prepare and submit to the board of directors budgets, quarterly and annual reports for the association;
To monitor performance of the secretariat, including matters of integrity, compliance with the association policies, rules, regulation and code of conduct;
To act as a director, a decision maker, a leader, a manager and an executor;
To be able to be involved with the press;
To be able to manage the employees of the organization;
To be able to actively pursue high-level decisions about policy and strategy.
To be able to motivate employees, and drive changes within the organization.
To be able to motivate members and engage with them on a personal level.
To preside over the organization's day-to-day operation;
To be able to meet and communicate effectively with very high levels in government involving ministers, commissioners, and policy makers.


Have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree from a first class institute (Preferences given to Economics, Development, Transportation and Logistics).
Be a Maximum of 50 years old
Have experience of 10 years and above in a leadership position
Be fluent in both written and oral Kiswahili and English (is a must).
Be fully literate in the use of MS Office, Email.

How to Apply:

To apply, please submit the following documents:

1. CV/Resume

2. Cover Letter addressed to:

Board of Directors,
Tanzania Truck Owners Association,
Jacksi Plaza,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

3. Supplementary Questions to be answered:
a. What is the difference between a 6x2 truck, 6x4 truck, 8x4 truck?
b. What is the allowable axle load on a steering axle in Tanzania?
c. What is the allowable GVM for a 6x4 Truck Paired with a 3 axle Semi Trailer in Tanzania?
d. What is the size of a super single tire? Numeric Size.
e. How many weigh bridges are between Dar es Salaam Port and Ndola, Zambia? Name each town
f. How many weigh bridges are between Dar es Salaam Port and Kigali, Rwanda? Name each town
g. What is the import duty on trucks imported into the EAC?
h. What is Customs Warehouse Rent? How is it charged?
i. How many TRA commissioners are there? Name them and their position.
j. What is TASAA and where are their head offices?
k. What is TAFFA and where are their head offices?

We advise you to correctly research the above questions as they will be the biggest judgment of your aptitude level with incomers used in the transportation and logistics industry.

All documents must be submitted as PDF (Any other format will be rejected).

CV/Resume should be named JP_TATOA CV PDF
Cover Letter should be named JP_TATOA Cover Letter. PDF
Supplementary Questions should be named as JP_TATOA Supplementary Questions. PDF