Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Teaching Partner Jobs at Support for International Change

Job Title: Teaching Partner

Employer: Support for International Change

Duty Station: Arusha  

Application Deadline: 1st April 2014

Apply before: 01 Apr 2014

Support for International Change (SIC) is a non-governmental organization that works to reduce  the impact of HIV and AIDS in rural communities of Northern Tanzania. As part of our services, SIC  runs 4 programs each year in which educated Tanzanians, together with American and British  volunteers, organize and execute an HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign in a particular ward in Arusha  or Manyara region.

Teaching Partners are temporarily employed by SIC for these programs, during which they work  alongside volunteers to educate children and adults in the community about HIV and encourage  them to get tested. Teaching partners are paid a stipend of TSh 35,000 per week (week is 7 days long/TSh 5000 per day) in addition to the provision of meals and accommodation for the duration of  the program.

Responsibilities of a Teaching Partner include the following:

Fluency in English and ability to translate easily from English-Kiswahili and Kiswahili-English (NB: Kama unaona ngumu kuzungumza au kuelewa kiingereza, hii nafasi haitakufaa)
Committing for the entire duration of an 8 – 12 week program (see program dates below)
Working up to 9 hours per day, 7 days per week for the duration of the program (some free time will be granted)
Mastering challenging material and concepts regarding HIV/AIDS and education
Planning lessons for adults and children, translating and teaching in front of large groups without problem
Communicating effectively and working well with others
Helping foreign volunteers adjust to life in Tanzania and communicate
Staying with a host family in a rural area without electricity or running water
Walking up to several hours per day, an all kinds of weather, to fulfill work responsibilities
Dressing appropriately and refraining from any drug or alcohol intake while working in the villages

If you are unwilling or unable to meet any of the above requirements, do not apply for this  position. Applicants must have finished Form 6 as a minimum education requirement.

If you are ready to fulfill the responsibilities listed above, you may apply for a Teaching Partner position for one of our 4 volunteer programs. The schedule of 2014 programs is:

How to Apply
To be considered for the post of Teaching Partner, all applicants must:
Complete a 2014 SIC Teaching Partner Application (attached), available at the SIC office, or on the SIC website. Please call 0752834610 for office Directions
 The application should be submitted together with a Form 6 completion certificate. ? All applicants should submit these forms to: ? SIC office in Arusha (opposite Mount Meru hotel, next to Albetros Tours), or ? SIC office Babati (Ngarenaro) before the application deadline date listed in the table above. Applicants are welcome to apply for either VP1, VP2, VP3 and/or VP4. Please call 0752834610 for office Directions. Based on the written application, applicants may or may not be contacted to schedule an interview. If you are not invited to interview, you will not be hired as a teaching partner. Interviews will be conducted at the SIC office. Interviews last approximately 30 minutes, and include general questions as well as translation practice. PLEASE NOTE: TEACHING PARTNER APPLICATION FORMS CAN ONLY BE COLLECTED ON MONDAY-FRIDAY BETWEEN 9AM AND 4PM FROM THE OFFICE. TEACHING PARTNER APPLICATION FORMS CAN BE PRINTED FROM OUR WEBSITE: WWW.SICHANGE.ORG APPLICATIONS CAN ONLY BE SUBMITTED IN PERSON AT THE SIC OFFICE ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAY BETWEEN 9AM AND 4PM. FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OUTSIDE OF THIS TIME. Please call 0752834610 for office Directions.

Program Date Weeks Location Application Deadline
VP1 May 31 – July 24 8 Arusha (K/Katiti) April 24
VP2 June 19 – Aug. 14 8 Babati (Bonga) April 24
VP3 June 26 – Aug. 21 8 Arusha (Mwandeti) April 24
VP4 Sept. 10 – Dec. 03 12 Arusha (Kimnyaki
August 28