Monday, 16 December 2013

Sales Manager Careers at ISP in Tanzania

Job Title: Sales Manager

Employer: ISP

Duty Station: Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Application Deadline: 20th Dec 2013

Job Description:

1. Set Objectives

PIan, organize, direct and control the sales staff to meet these objectives.

Use these to help your sales team to maximize their potential.

At the beginning of each month, counsel with each sales person to establish realistic sales objectives for the month and action plan.

Establish a sales objective for the department each month and submit it to the dealer.

Achieve forecasted sales

Monitor each sales person’s daily performance and compare it with that month’s objective.

Understand departmental financial data to determine what is happening in your department.

Review financial data that affects your department’s profit centers.

2. Coaching sales people

Meet weekly with the sales team.
Offer them the coaching, counseling, advice, support, motivation or information they need in order to help them meet their sales objectives.

3. Manage the sales department

Making every effort to maximize both present and long-term sales and gross profits.
Review their performance and to motivate and stimulate them to even greater achievements.

4. Supervise the sales floor
Make sure your sales people are doing everything they should be doing to successfully sell your dealership’s products.
Ensure that the sales floor operations functions smoothly.

5. Develop sales forces;

Recruiting, hiring and training your people.
Developing the best trained, professional sales force possible.

6. Handle complaints from customer, sales agents

Constructively handle (or supervise the handling of) all customer complaints related to your department.

7. Maintain a self-development program
Constantly strive toward continuing professional growth.
Work to improve your sales skills, managerial skills, business skills and product knowledge.

8. Involve in customer follow up
Supervise the proper use of the Customer Log by each salesperson.
Also review the Customer Log for trends that indicate where additional assistance might be needed.

9. Assist the sales team in the selling operation

Assist your sales people in selling by stimulating floor traffic.
Assist them in the selling process whenever needed.

How to Apply:

CVs to be sent to

We are only looking for candidate having strong working background with Internet Service Providers companies ONLY.

Others should not apply