Friday, 25 October 2013

Program Pediatrics Healthcare Officer at Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative in Tanzania

Job Title: Program Officer, Pediatrics Healthcare

Employer: Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative

Duty Station: Shinyanga

Application Deadline: 1st Nov 2013

Job Description:

Principal Functions:

Assists in co-ordination of Care and Treatment and LIFE in the programs

Coordinate the management of Pediatric HIV and AIDS related activities within AGPAHI implementation sites.
Participate in planning and implement  Early Infant Diagnosis program and integration of EID with HIV Pediatric Care and Treatment including LIFE
Provide technical support to implementing partners in planning and supervision of pediatric HIV and Care activities, EID and MNCH.
participate in organizing trainings and mentorship on Pediatric HIV and AIDS to CHMTs and RHMTs and site Staff
To assist in program monitoring and evaluation of Pediatric HIV and AIDS related
To collaborate with RHMTs ,CHMTs and Hospital Management Teams to design , implement innovative strategies for improving the quality of pediatric HIV and EID services
Work closely with AGPAHI technical Staff to ensure monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual donor reporting of Pediatric HIV and AIDS indicators are well prepared and submitted timely.
Co-ordinate care and treatment and LIFE activities at local partner sites

Provide technical inputs and assistance to health facilities and AGPAHI staff

Visit health facilities and provide onsite technical assistance to health facilities and project staff including sit- ins at the clinic days, assisting sites in data collection and submit to direct supervisor.
Together with sub grantees, plan and oversee sub grantee site activities as stipulated in proposals (To systematically monitor the progress versus planned activities / targets.)
Providing feedback to sub grantee and other relevant stakeholders based on integrated supportive supervision, M&E and specific pediatric reports.
To systematically provide guidance for improvement and follow up whether or not issues have been solved, or advice has been followed.
Identifying site staff training needs, organize and facilitate trainings when required
Participate in development of proposals and work plans for pediatric activities in  LIFE and C&T sub grantees
Supervising district mentors’ pediatric activities and EID services in assigned districts

Facilitate quality improvement of service delivery by sub-grantees

•         Apply QI principles in regular supportive supervision through focusing on priority areas and utilizing QI-based methods /tools for improvement.
•         Analyzing and providing feedback on results to site staff, CHMT, immediate supervisor and where possible RHMT.
•         Assist health facilities in formulating, implementing and following up Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs), providing technical assistance regularly and when requested through regular supportive supervision, QI meetings and other site visits.
•         Ensure sites trained in QI meet regularly to discuss quality of services and to plan for improvement where needed. This might require the PO to attend the meeting or to receive the meeting minutes and submit to PC-QI.
Facilitate monitoring and evaluation of our sub grantees
•         To perform a systematic supervision of M&E systems and to make effective use of M&E data to monitor performance and to provide feedback.
•         Make use of  CTC 2 and GLASER data base to monitor performance of sub grantee
•         Assist sites with quarterly preparation of C&T and LIFE reports when necessary
•         Assist in the preparation and review, compilation and submission of PITC reports to the M&E department
•         Track Pediatric HIV and EID progress at individuals sites through site visits and reports
•         Participate in the orientation of newly recruited POCSs on Pediatric HIV and EID Services and visitors

Facilitate communication with partners and donors

Acts as the main contact person for sub-grantees to coordinate the communication between sub-grantee, Field office and other program staff
Provide feed- back to sub-grantee and other relevant stakeholders based on ISS, M&E and specific departmentsAdvocate for inclusion of Pediatric HIV and EID activities in the CCHP

Reflective practice and organizational learning

Document lessons learnt and provide inputs into the way forward/best practices for project implementation
Assist in the dissemination of lessons learnt and better practices from the program

Focal person for Quality Improvement activities on Pediatric HIV and EID activities:

Work closely with technical staff to support quality improvement activities;
Perform QI performance measurement to all sites with QI project when time is due.
QI Capacity building to site staffs.
Quarterly report to RPC on performed activities, challenges and lesson learnt concerning QI.
The PO Pediatric will also perform any other responsibilities as assigned by the RPC or RPM

Qualifications, Skills and ability:

Advance diploma or degree in Medical related (Preference will be given to the following
Minimum three years’ experience in HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment programs
Experience in Pediatric HIV/AIDS programs
Clinical experience of  Pediatric HIV and AIDS management

How to Apply:

AGPAHI is an equal opportunities employer and these positions are open to all, but ONLY qualified candidate should submit a CV and a cover letter to support your eligibility for advertised posts. Documents submitted electronically should have the candidates name as well as post applying for.  For more information about each advertised position please send request through email address below.

Submissions may be sent to:
Executive Director, AGPAHI
P.O. BOX 38252
Plot 373, Mtitu Street,
East Upanga
Dar es Salaam,