Friday, 25 October 2013

Program Coordinator - RCH/PMTCT at Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative in Tanzania

Job Title: Program Coordinator, RCH/PMTCT

Employer: Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative

Duty Station: Dar es Salaam

Application Deadline: 1st Nov 2013

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities:

Management and Leadership of all RCH/PMTCT activities

Under the supervision of the Technical Director, the Program Coordinator RCH/PMTCT provides the technical leadership to the supported programs in Geita, Shinyanga, Simiyu regions in close collaboration with the Regional Program Coordinator and Program Managers

In close collaboration with the Regional Program Coordinator, to lead, coordinate, manage and participate in RCH/PMTCT capacity building activities of the technical team based in Shinyanga in relation to AGPAHI supported programs.

To ensure a complete and well-functioning RCH/PMTCT program, including the timely communication on organization needs whenever necessary.

Participation in the recruitment of new technical team members; wherever and whenever necessary, the Program Coordinator, RCH/PMTCT is also expected to complement the responsibilities of the supervised Program Officers;

In collaboration with the Regional Program Coordinator and relevant other (technical) team members, to participate in the preparation of systematic orientation to the program for any newly recruited technical team member.

In collaboration with EGPAF Tanzania, Regional Program Manager and Regional Program Coordinator in Shinyanga on timely development of efficient work plans for the supervised technical staff and the monitoring of the progress versus planned activities and targets in respective work plans.

Responsible for the effective RCH/PMTCT planning and documentation of the communication and support activities provided to AGPAHI supported sites in Shinyanga, Simiyu and Geita.

Responsible for coordinating the identification of new RCH/ PMTCT partners and to ensure effective collaboration with existing partners
•         To receive and review program officer’s narrative reports on PMTCT program and ensure proper finalization and submission to immediate supervisor and Technical director in a timely manner.

To use leadership and management skills in providing guidance to  AGPAHI’s technical team in the development and sharing of program  best practices experience, and to ensure that the technical department is equipped with  up-to-date on RCH/PMTCT related information i.e. National guidelines, policies and protocols.

Responsible for coordinating the identification of new partners and to ensure effective collaboration with existing partners

Assuring technical performance of RCH/PMTCT programs

Program Coordinator, RCH/PMTCT is responsible to oversee the strengthening of technical performance of the PMTCT programs AGPAHI is supporting in Geita, Shinyanga and Simiyu regions.

In collaboration with Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) department, to coordinate and ensure timely delivery of quality PMTCT data and reports for effective program management.

Responsible for coordinating the provision of adequate technical support to AGPAHI sub-grantees and relevant stakeholders.

To collaborate with AGPAHI  Program Managers, and Awards and compliance (A&C) team in developing and reviewing sub-grantees’ proposals to assure realistic target setting and adequate allocation of resources

To collaborate with RPM and compliance team in comparing the programmatic versus financial performance of sub-grantees

To facilitate quality Improvement (QI) of Service Delivery

Program Coordinator, RCH/PMTCT is responsible to coordinate and monitor the implementation of QI activities for PMTCT program in Shinyanga, Geita and Simiyu regions.

In collaboration with Quality Improvement Manager, Program Coordinator, RCH/PMTCT to coordinate QI capacity building activities on PMTCT program for AGPAHI technical team and partners at regional, district and facility levels and oversee the use of QI approach  in improving PMTCT program and facilities performance.

Responsible for the compilation and submission of PMTCT reviewed reports on QI to Quality Improvement Manager

Reporting and Communication

To actively involve the Technical Director, RPM and RPC in all relevant communication in relation to the Organization

In collaboration with the Program Officers M&E, to coordinate timely submission of high quality quarterly, semi-annual and annual PMTCT progress reports to EGPAF

Responsible for the timely submission of work plans, reports on activities performed, or any other report, as required by Technical Director

Responsible for the timely reporting on PMTCT program challenges to the Technical Director and relevant other AGPAHI staff members

The Program Coordinator, RCH/PMTCT, in collaboration with the relevant technical staff in Dar and Shinyanga to facilitate the timely and effective communication of important technical and programmatic information to AGPAHI sub-grantees and other relevant stakeholders’ e.g EGPAF-Tanzania

To participate in the preparation and submission of written documents related to PMTCT program

Representation and other duties

Represent AGPAHI   at regional and National meetings as requested by the Technical Director

Reflective practice and organizational learning

Document lessons learnt on PMTCT program and provide inputs into the way forward/best practices for project implementation

Assist in the dissemination of lessons learnt and better practices from the PMTCT program

Qualifications, Skills & Ability;

Advanced diploma or degree in medical related field
2-3 years’ experience in the NGO sector and working on USG funded programs
Training experience in RCH/PMTCT according to the MoHSW guidelines will be preferred.
Experience in providing RCH / PMTCT services.
Ability to write analytical reports.

How to Apply:

AGPAHI is an equal opportunities employer and these positions are open to all, but ONLY qualified candidate should submit a CV and a cover letter to support your eligibility for advertised posts. Documents submitted electronically should have the candidates name as well as post applying for.  For more information about each advertised position please send request through email address below.

Submissions may be sent to:
Executive Director, AGPAHI
P.O. BOX 38252
Plot 373, Mtitu Street,
East Upanga
Dar es Salaam,