Monday, 16 September 2013

Youth Advocacy and Policy Consultant at Restless Development Tanzania

Job Title: Youth Advocacy and Policy Consultant (Re-advertised)

Employer: Restless Development Tanzania

Duty Station: : Iringa

Application Deadline: 21st Sept 2013

Position Description:
Restless Development is the leading youth-led development agency. We have been working in Tanzania since 1993 and have established an impressive track record in delivering grassroots impact through peer to peer youth led development programmes aligned to the Government of Tanzania’s poverty reduction plans and Millennium Development Goals.

 Tanzania's National Youth Development Policy (NYDP) 1997 advocates for young people to be active participants and leaders in the development of the nation. It recognises that youth make up 60% of the work force and that 66% of the population is under the age of 25.  They are the most affected by HIV and form 45% of new HIV infections[1]. They are recognised as a major target group for aid, but are excluded and under-utilised as a resource.  The unemployment rate among youth aged 15-34 years is 13.4%. Unemployment among young women (14.3%) is higher than among young men (12.3%)It 'cannot be over emphasised that they are a group of people which have a unique role’ in the country’s future growth and development. The policy recognises that Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), civic participation and livelihoods are inextricably linked and proposes a number of interventions. For an improved investment climate therefore, it is essential for the majority of the work force (young people) to be actively engaged in Tanzania’s development. On its part Restless Development Tanzania ( a youth led NGO)  in line with its  mission of placing  young people  at the forefront of change and development has been working through strategic partnerships with government and civil society with the objective of complementing the youth development work.

In 2011, Restless Development launched an ambitious strategic plan (2011-2015) which is half way through with a focus on three strategic goals areas: Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Livelihoods and Employment, and Civic Participation. Critical in enhancing these goal areas Restless Development  is working towards supporting efforts of other stakeholders in ensuring its work at the grassroots is supported by continuous  policy  analysis , advocacy, and review  and  adoption is taking place.  Restless Development Tanzania therefore wishes to engage the services of an experienced advocacy and Policy consultant  to support the  development of  its advocacy strategy to compliment  the  national strategic framework and  strengthen  its work at policy level.


The overall goal of this consultancy isto develop a clear advocacy strategy for Restless Development Tanzania which will guide advocacy and its subsequent implementation as well as support strategic partnerships with government and civil society.

3.     Scope Of work

  The Specific tasks of the Consultant include:

a)     Review  a  sample of youth policies    against expected deliverables to determine what Limits adoption and implementation of policy at national and/or regional levels and recommend  way forward
b)    Working with key staff , develop an advocacy strategy  that will enable   Restless Development  influence implementation of key youth  policies in line with Tanzania government’s National Youth Policy
c)      Identify specific roles for  youth working group partners and other champions or stakeholders in influencing  the implementation of  key youth policies at the regional and national levels(return to school, National Youth Policy etc)
d)     Propose an overall advocacy strategy and implementation plan that will drive the identification of key policy issues to engage with government in reviewing and developing  new youth policies to support youth development  at national and regional levels
e)      Discuss the draft advocacy strategy and implementation plan with management Committee and other Stakeholdersto bring evidence based learning and research into the policy making environment enabling Restless Development to influence policy and practice.
f)      Train and coach key staff to participate more effectively in policy and advocacy processes from community to national level in Tanzania

4.     Deliverables

The consultant will provide these key deliverables
a)     An inceptiondetailed work plan for the activities indicating delivery dates
b)    Report on the analysis of the existing youth related policies in the areas ofSRHR, Livelihood and Employment and Civic Participation
c)     Detailed plan of work that will form part of the contract.
d)    Restless Development will further provide the consultant with relevant documents e.g. Restless Development Strategic Plan, staff input on Advocacy strategy, project proposals, performance and review reports. The consultancy will be based on desk?reviews of the most relevant data and information necessary to draft an acceptable advocacy strategy. It is expected that the consultant will use his/her network in the region and where necessary, visit select institutions and participate in  dialogue fora to obtain additional information.

5.     Expertise required
Restless Development is seeking an individual consultant with extensive experience in research, policy and advocacy in youth development issues. The candidate should be a talented individual who is committed to youth led development and passionate about promoting participatory approaches to advocacy.The candidate should  also have a good background in policy analysis, youth development ,  gender and a .,  holder of a degree in  relevant discipline with  at least five years of relevant experience. You will be an excellent communicator (verbal and written) in English and preferably Swahili,The candidate should clearly demonstrate experience of having undertaken similar assignments. Evidence of experience as a trainer in influencing policy implementation,advocacy, and youth participation in decision making (or other target groups) will be an added advantage

6.     Reporting

The consultant will work closely with the relevant manager. . All reports will be submitted to the Manager, on dates as may be mutually agreed during the inception meeting. The reports will be reviewed by Restless Development MC .All draft reports (written in English) will be submitted as softcopies while the final advocacy strategy  will be submitted as a soft copy and three (3) hard copies.

7.     DURATION:
Start of September   2013 to End- November 2013, on full time basis consultancy contract.
Two months in Iringa and one month in Dar es Salaam
The consultancy fees will be a flat rate of TSHS 6.000.000 (six million Tanzanian Shillings)for the duration of the assignment asper  the breakdown below:

Advance 40%, which is payable upon signing of the contract.
Interim payment of 40% which is payable upon  satisfactory completion of tasks and draft of the  advocacy strategy
Final payment of 20% which is payable upon submission of final Advocacy strategy accordingly.

The consultant is expected to cater for own accommodation and transport costs.            

How to Apply:

Please send a copy of a one page expression of interest, your profile with details of your track record relevant to the assignment, CV and a one page concept note on how you will implement the TOR and send all these documents to the Email link above   September  2013