Monday, 16 September 2013

Project Proposal Development & Fundraising Consultant at Higher Learning Students Supporting Fund (HLSSF)

Job Title: Project Proposal Development & Fundraising Consultant

Employer: Higher Learning Students Supporting Fund (HLSSF)

Duty Station: Dar Es Salaam

Application Deadline: 10th Oct 2013

HLSSF is now planning to obtain a reliable donor for its projects to be implemented in different parts of Tanzania depending on the areas preferred by the donor.HLSSF is looking for a permanent project proposal writing consultant who is very experienced with the different types of donor requirements and able to create a project proposal that can be funded on time depending on the timeframe for the implementation of the project.

The projects that HLSSF is conducting are focusing on the following aspects:
a)    Youth talents upgrading and promotion to self employment.
b)    Sponsorship of University students.
c)    Entrepreneurship and business management consultancy.
d)    Business and science studies trainings.
e)    On line support on applications for university admissions for degree studies and government loans applications.
f)     Counseling on degree choices to be made for higher studies.
g)    Entrepreneurship clubs operations for youths.
h)   Higher Education Insurance program.


The vision of the Higher Learning Students Supporting Fund is to be the most credible and leading NGO in promoting and supporting higher education in Tanzania.

The mission of Higher Learning Students Supporting Fund is to provide a reliable higher education support in a professional, efficient and equity basis.

Objective of the consultant engagement:

During the consultancy assignment, the agenda will be focused on social responsibility. Therefore, the main objective of this invitation is to raise funds for a social cause that is related to HLSSF projects. This may include causes in line with HLSSF - related priorities such as to raise funds locally from local individuals, business companies, embassies, foundations and institutions, to receive funds from donor countries, foreign organizations, individuals and foundations; to provide financial support to students, to seek for and distribute scholarships to students, to establish productive activities to self-sustain HLSSF funding including the HLSSF Education Insurance Program, to organize students in different universities in the clubs to be used preparing young entrepreneurs, etc.
Scope of the work for the Consultant (short term plan of 1 year ;from: October 2013 - September 2014).

The Fundraising consultancy company or Events Management Company will be responsible for:

Event organizing, coordination and management of the Gala Dinner from which
TZS 1,000,000,000 will be obtained;
Designing a Resource Mobilization strategy for the Gala Dinner or fund request proposal.
To source funding to host the Dinner or proposal writing through Resource Mobilization strategy.
Form partnerships with stakeholders that might lead to fund contribution for the Gala Dinner
Raise funds through the Gala dinner or other means for raising funds for implementing HLSSF related projects; especially youths talents upgrading and sponsorship of poor university students.
Support the work of the HLSSF in identifying a firm or NGO; that is partner who can work with HLSSF in fulfilling its objectives.
Help raise awareness about the event; the project proposal and the cause;
Prepare a final report.

Scope of the work for the Consultant (long term plan of 5 years: October 2013 - September 2018).
The Fund raising proposal development company will be responsible for:

Designing a Resource Mobilization strategy for the project proposal.
To source funding to host the processes for  the project designed through Resource Mobilization strategy;
Form partnerships with stakeholders that might lead to fund contribution for HLSSF projects implementation.
Conduct community mobilization and awareness to join the HLSSF EDUCATION INSURANCE PROGRAM and other projects;
Prepare a final report.


The successful bidder will on a weekly basis, update the HLSSF (either through teleconference calls and/or face-to-face meetings) on the progress in terms of preparations for the Gala Dinner or other project proposal developed. This will include an update on sponsorships; logistics, feedback on mobile phone companies, media plan, invitation to key stakeholders and donor contacts. The list of invited organizations and proposed partner organizations should be presented to HLSSF as soon as it has been finalized.

Required qualifications and experiences:

The Consultant firm/NGO or company must have experience in organizing similar events and preparing projects fund requests. References / Proof of organizing and conducting similar events to be included in the bid;
The Consultant/Agency must have a strong outreach not only in Dar es Salaam, but throughout the rest of Tanzania or East Africa. Having knowledge and a familiarity of institutions, foundations and stakeholders that are likely to donate funds is a pre-requisite;
Resource Mobilization expertise based on previous fund raising activities. Proof of previous resource mobilization projects organized by the bidder;
Ability to know and understand the HLSSF and its core functions.
Be available whenever needed.

Bidders’ References:

The bidder is expected to include along with the application, the following documents:

1. CVs of all the key staff that will be working on the event or proposal - CVs should show the value that they (either individually and/or collectively) will bring to the organizing and coordination of the Gala dinner or project proposal writing; at least 3 references for similar jobs done by the bidder;
2. Motivational letter on the benefits of selecting the bidder.

Draft budget / Payment Terms

The TZS 1,000,000,000 for the sponsorship of poor university students and funds for other projects mentioned previously are expected to be raised through short term and long term respectively.
The payment will be commission based and to be discussed with the Consultant at completion of bidding process.
The bidder is free to choose any project he/she thinks can be easy for he/she to raise the required funds for the project proposal he/she has designed for HLSSF.

How to proceed
Events Management Companies and Professional fundraising companies/firms are invited to bid for this assignment for a total budget. They indicate their interest by submitting a Proposal detailing their qualifications, highlighting relevant and recent experience, and proposed approach for this Assignment; and the total budget required (with a breakdown between fees and expenses). They will also have to submit a company profile.

How to Apply:

Mr. Respicius Kamuhabwa, Director General, HLSSF, P.O.Box 396 Bukoba, Uganda road, Youth Building, Mob 0717488745, website:

All applications should be forwarded to or post address P.O BOX 396, BUKOBA, ATT.DIRECTOR GENERAL – HLSSF.

For further description about our projects you can refer our website in

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.