Monday, 16 September 2013

Production Officer II at Enrich Africa in Tanzania

Job Title: Production Officer II

Employer: Enrich Africa

Duty Station: Arusha

Application Deadline: 30th Sept 2013

Main Responsibilities:
Ensure Bottle washer parameters are within Spec all the time. When Out of Spec take Appropriate Corrective action in Consultation with PRODUCTIONM /Shift Managers.
Caustic strength and methylene blue are tested prior to startup and every after 4 hrs
Caustic tem perature is checked before startup and every after 4 hrs
All sprays/jets are checked and ensure are working properly before startup and every after 4 hrs.
Caustic carryover is done and no caustic carryover in all bottles (all bottles in the bottle carrier).  
Ensure Filling Process is assured by carrying out the following. When Out Of Spec is noticed take appropriate Corrective action In Consultation with PRODUCTIONM /Shift Managers.
Filling valves are checked and adjusted before startup
Any foaming valve during production to be corrected any time it is noticed
Ensure crown crimping is checked before startup and every after 1 hr
Ensure Fill Height is checked for all filling valves at start up and every after 1 hr
Fill Content is checked once per shift on 25% of all filling valves and results attached in the line parameter log book
Ensure Empty Bottle and Filled Bottle Inspectors carry out Bottle Inspection as required and they are rotated every 15 Min. Ensure Records exist to this activity.
Ensure chip Necks removal happen properly as required at B/W infeed and at Empty Bottle Inspection station.

Degree in Food Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering or a related field and at least 2 years working experience in similar responsibilities.


Team player
Time management
Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Calibration of PRODUCTION equipment and Process Equipment
SOP implementation, and Housekeeping and GMP. Knowledge on Production line Unit Process
Knowledge on Microbiologic Testing.
Knowledge on Chemical Testing and Standardizations Methods

How to Apply:
Applicants are required to send CVs to: