Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Malaria Assistant Coordinator at Clinton Health Access Initiative - Tanzania

Job Title: Malaria Assistant Coordinator

Employer: Clinton Health Access Initiative - Tanzania

Duty Station: Dar es Salaam

Application Deadline: 30th Sept 2013

Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist the Operational Research Coordinator with tasks supporting the mRDT pilot program,
Making regular visits (approximately once per month) to Morogoro to collect data from
ADDOs, wholesalers, and public health facilities
Organizing data and typing records into Excel

Making regular check-in calls to the distributor and wholesalers to keep track ofstock levels
and identify any issues with providing or procuring supplies
Supporting the Operational Research Coordinator to organize Quarterly Monitoring Visits, a
Midline Survey, and an Endline Survey
Assisting in the cleaning and analysis of data from the Quarterly Monitoring Visits, Midline
Survey, and Endline Survey
Participating in monitoring visits as necessary (e.g. traveling through Morogoro to visit
ADDOs for up to three weeks at a time, once every 2-3 months)
Ordering and managing supplies for the program
Coordinatingwith government officials in the pilot areas

Assist the malaria program generally with activities pertaining to the scale-up of affordable mRDTs
and ACTs, including:
Making regular check-in calls to several importers of mRDTs and ACTs to check on their
stock levels and sales
Assist with the coordination of a national endline survey
Liaise with other NGOs and Tanzania government officials as necessary to collect data,
coordinate activities, and disseminate results of the program
Support other priorities of the National Malaria Control Program, possibly including
promoting affordable ACTs and developing community-based interventions
Gather information on related diagnosis and fever managementissues from primary and
secondary sources, including writing short literature reviews
Perform other duties as required by the Operational Research Coordinator and/or the
Malaria Program Manager

Qualities Required:
• Bachelor’s/tertiary degree and at least 1 year of professional experience;
• Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical capabilities;
• High level of proficiency in relevant computer applications, particularly Excel, PowerPoint and Word;
• Strong written and oral English communication skills;
• The ability to work independently in unstructured settings, and communicate effectively within a
remote, decentralized team;
• Strong organizational skills;
• Ability to absorb and synthesize a broad range of information;
• Willingness to spend time in remote, resource-limited settings;
• Strong diplomatic skills, and the ability to work with a wide range of people across the private,
public and nonprofit sectors; and
• Fluency in Swahili.

• Experiencing managing large datasets;
• Experience working with NGOs and/or government organizations in Tanzania;
• Experience or training in research: developing survey tools, managing data collection, overseeing
contractors, conducting analysis; and
• Experience in public health / social science / epidemiological field research a plus.

How to Apply: