Monday, 16 September 2013

Business Partner Jobs at Swahili Waterworks Farming Limited in Tanzania

Job Title: Business Partner

Employer: Swahili waterworks farming limited

Duty Station: Morogoro

Application Deadline: 31st Oct 2013


As an entrepreneur in agriculture, I am really excited about the potential in agriculture. If I were a person, starting out in business today, I would seriously consider agriculture.
The first thing, you would need to do is to change the way you see agriculture. Many people make the mistake of seeing agriculture, as nothing more than an activity of the rural poor, simply trying to subsist. It is not, and should not be seen that way. Agriculture possesses as much potential for entrepreneurship expression, as telecommunications, or mining oil and gas in Tanzania or even the outside world.

My friend Florey Nyoni and my core partner, who is an Expert in General Agriculture from Esgodini Agricultural college in Harare, is always saying "agriculture is not a development activity, it is an industry." Ever since he mentioned this to me, I have really opened my entrepreneurial eyes to see the opportunities, and it is absolutely breathtaking. One expert in Holland, one of the leading experts in agriculture told me that "one kg. of tomato seed that they produce, is worth more than 1 kg. of gold".

We really need young people to start to think differently about agriculture in Tanzania, and to begin to obtain the type of skills that will totally transform Africa, through agriculture. We hope to acquire good endorsements from aspiring partners, donors, friends and investors in this initiative.

How to Apply:
Send your resumes to:
Swahili waterworks farming limited 1880,morogoro