Thursday, 15 August 2013

Research Assistant Jobs at Walter Reed Program in Tanzania

Job Title: Research Assistant

Employer: Walter Reed Program

Duty Station: Mbeya, Rukwa, Dar and Ruvuma

Application Deadline: 28th Aug 2013

General Overview:

Walter Reed Program is seeking qualified candidate to fill the position above

This position is established for the effective delivery and efficient transport services for the program staff and activities as required in favor of Walter Reed Program Southern Highlands HIV/AIDS support.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The candidate will be responsible of the following duties and responsibilities;
Ensuring that he/she supports the implementation of research activities of the WRP program.
Assist in collection, compilation and analysis of data generated from different Program activities and laboratory assays carried out at Mbeya Referral Hospital (MRH).
Assist in compiling and analyzing data for impact evaluation studies carried out in the PEPFAR Program.
To work closely with the different departments of the program so as to ensure that Research objectives of the program are met.
Assist in conducting PEPFAR related impact evaluation studies.
Assist Research study teams in coordination of roles within the study as directed by the Research Director.
Assist in Abstraction of Data from patient charts and files in the field and onsite as per need.
Validate quality of data elements/data editing for all data collected for research purposes.
Provide computational research support
Assist in generating and compiling laboratory assay data as required.
Conduct literature searches as required.
Assist in Training of laboratory personnel in experimentation techniques for protocols according to GLP procedures
Tabulate research data and record results of experiments
Assist in preparation of research manuscripts and research presentations
Develop and maintain research databases.
Assist in keeping accurate records of experiments and investigations carried out within the program.

Skills, Knowledge and Qualification:

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Laboratory or Research Science related field.
Able to analyze data generated from Laboratory assays and field studies.
Good understanding of General Laboratory and PEPFAR Program activities.
Ability to compile and analyze data for scientific manuscript preparation.
Conversant and proficient in the use of Computational software.
Be able to comprehend Research Practices and Procedures, and ready to learn.

Interpersonal SKILLS
Excellent organizational and analytical skills
Good coordination skills and ability to work in a team.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Fluency in English
High degree of commitment
Willing to work independently in a multidisciplinary team.
Ability to tend to detail.
Ability to maintain records and inventories.

How to Apply:

Cover letters and resumes should be sent to;
The Human Resources Manager,
P.O. Box 6396, Mbeya

Or e-mailed to;

Walter Reed Program is an equal opportunity employer; women are highly encouraged to apply.