Thursday, 29 August 2013

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Jobs at Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Employer: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

Duty Station: Dar Es Salaam

Application Deadline: 15th Sept 2013

Responsibilities and Duties:

The MEM is responsible for the leadership, management, training and development of M&E program staff in the Country office and the Field offices (currently 9) and the M&E data assistant.
Provide technical assistant to all the M&E staffs which should include, but is not limited to: M&E techniques, data collection, data analysis, data use in decision-making and data reporting;
Building EGPAF staff capacity to train sites in M&E techniques, data collection, data analysts, data use in decision-making and data reporting;
Provide technical supervisory to all field office M&E officers to be able to perform their duties accordingly,
Coordinating process of reporting and create an awareness of the rationale and Importance of data collection and reporting for staff at EGPAF office and at its sites
Oversee and assure all programmatic reporting required by EGPAF-Tanzania, including CDC and USAID quarterly reports, MOH reports, PEPFAR semiannual reports, success stories and any request for information from CDC, USAID or other stakeholders; in doing so working closely with CDC and USAID StrategiC Information Officer and EGPAF HO to assure appropriate reporting; Create an awareness of the rationale and importance of data collection and reporting for staff at EGPAF office and at its sites; Coordinate and assure tlrnelv, accurate and complete data entry into the global web based database of EGPAF (called GLASER).
Work with EGPAF HO M&E to manage GLASER data base and to provide reports for EGPAF Tanzania, donors and other stakeholder from GLASER on program achievements.
Coordinate and support the process of critical review of data and data collection tools used at EGPAF health facility sites against the required reports that EGPAF has to produce; provide advice and assistance in 'improving these tools; streamline the process from data collection to the production of reports;
Monitoring & Evaluation of EGPAF programs to ensure proper and timely implementation of activities toward achieving the program goals:
The MEM is responsible for all monitoring and evaluation activities that need to be performed in EGPAF Tanzania's programs including, but not limited to: data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, reporting and the provision of constructive feedback (to sub-grantees, EGPAF staff and other stakeholders);
Coordinating the process of tracking all planned activities and make sure that they are implemented according to the work plan.
Ensure proper documentation of the program achievements and dissemination of information to relevant stakeholders. Work with technical staff in setting, monitoring and achieving program goals and targets in each program year;
Assist sub grantees in setting, monitoring and achieving program goals and targets in each program year;
Ensuring that the data produced by EGPAF supported facilities is of required quality and that the information from these data is used to influence decision making:
Develop SOP on data quality assurance and enhance the use of these SOP at all level of information flow;
Develop SOP and guideline for data use at different level of information use.
Create awareness of using data generated at different level and coordinate the forums for data use from lower level to higher level.
Coordinate the dissemination of the information, lesson learnt and best practices to relevant stakeholders.
Work closely with PCOI to ensure that EGPAF's efforts for 01 / QA in its program, including the use of M&E data for strategic decision making and programmatic improvement is implemented well at EGPAF and sub-grantee level;
Support and provide technical assistant on research activities within the foundation;
Work closely with technical staff to support research and targeted evaluations including the Program Officer Public Health Evaluations;
Support technical staff to design and implement qualitative or formative research to compliment quantitative data collected;
Taking representative role to represent EGPAF in different meeting and workshop;Participate actively in internal or external meetings concerning M&E, and other project activities as delegated, by the snr. Manager SIE or Technical Director with various stakeholders, including the MOH, CDC, USAID and other stakeholders; assume representational responsibilities when asked;
Participate in programmatic workshop internal and external, national or international as delegated by the Snr. Manager SIE or Technical Director.
And other- responsibilities as assigned by the Snr Manager SIE/Technical Director

Qualifications and Experience:
A degree in Statistics, Health Sciences or any field providing the essential skills and experience for this position, master degree in the same mentioned area is an added advantage;
Training and experience in Monitoring and Evaluation and the development of M&E tools; preferably of HIV& AIDS interventions or a related field, or otherwise the capacity and motivation to acquire an in-depth knowledge of this field in a short time;           .
Experience in developing and conducting training;
Previous experience in program management; preferably under US Government regulations; Previous reporting experience to US Government an added advantage;
Computer literacy, with comfortable working experience with the basic Microsoft packages (Outlook, Internet, Word, Excel & power point) and preferably knowledge of statistical packages;
Excellent oral and written communication skills;
Ability and willingness to travel up to 30% in-country.
Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

How to Apply:
All qualified candidates should submit a CV and a cover letter explaining how the experience detailed in the CV will contribute to the requirements of the position and references to EGPAF.
Submissions may be sent to:
The Human Resource Manager, EGPAF,
P.O. BOX 1628,
Oysterbay, Haile Selaise Road Plot # 8 & 10,
Dar es Salaam,