Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Senior Sales and Marketing Officer Jobs in Tanzania at Shugulika Recruitment

Job Title: Senior Sales and Marketing Officer

Employer: Shugulika Recruitment

Duty Station: Dar Es Salaam

Application Deadline: 31st Aug 2013

Main Responsibilities:
Report office/depot every day, at agreed time in the morning.
Gate Meeting:
o Conduct brief C.R. /ADR meeting to evaluate previous day’s performance.
o Plan and discuss specific activities for the day.
o Review C.R. wise Sales achievement and performance against target.
o Highlight and appreciate outstanding performance/ market observation in the group.
o Check all supporting attached with DSS.
o Reconcile dues for fulls and empties and to check load in empties/fulls and banking receipt.
o Sign DSS to confirm documentation/reconciliation and forward to Finance department.
o Prepare Sales Analysis report capturing C.R. wise/flavor wise sales and KPI’s from form no.1.
o Ensure all C.R.s/ADR’s are following time guidelines.
o Ensure Cash/Empty shortage is recovered from all C.R.’s before they leave for Route.
o Make sure C.R.s are carrying following necessary documents while leaving for Route:
o Check if vehicles are loaded as per load out proposal.
o Make sure POS materials are available for CR’s.
o Ensure C.R.s have filled Cooler complaint form properly, for any Cooler complaint in the market.

Manage Distributors / Stockist as primary route to market based on the following:
- Profitability, target setting, penetration, brand & pack target achievement, look of success, channel marketing execution, distribution and warehouse capacity audits, special events.
- New Customer sign on.
- Cooler Management and audits.
Achieve Daily/Weekly and Monthly Volume Target for assigned area.

Responsible for expansion of markets to untapped areas and activate Customers within existing areas.
Attain and resolve Customers complaints, if any immediately.
Ensure every Customer has Retailer Card and sign it for every visit.
Work on improving Merchandising/Brand visibility in the market.
Regularly check C.R.’s Route file and ensure data is captured properly.
Report to SM/MM any new competition activities in the market.
Ensure stock rotation in the Outlet. e.g. FIFO.
Plan and discuss with TDM Daily Market visit/activity.
Route Ride / visit Market to Check, Supervise and Coach the A.D.R. and C.R. to understand market and industry trend.
Coach Sales team of ADRs and CRs/ Helpers through classroom sessions & on the field demonstration.

Update SM/MM with market activities. Submit Market Visit report to SM/MM.
Discuss with CR/ADR’s for days work, Sales achieved against target and market activity.
Check C.R.’s Tax invoice book as to unissued invoice to customer, finance copy in the book, book copy available in the book, book copy writings are not written with original ink and are readable, any cancelled invoice to include all copies, and any alteration to be checked with finance copy.
Check Load out proposal for next day. Report changes to Yard department, if any.
Close day after receiving DSS from all C.R.s.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Absence of Customers complains from the market
Business Volume
Availability of all brands in the market
Timely submission of Sales and Market report to Sales and Marketing Manager
Increase of new customers
Correct and timely submission of sales reports.
Absence of cash/empties shortage
Cooler Placement

Entry Requirements:
Direct Entry:
- Advanced Diploma or Degree in Business Administration or a related field and at least 6 years working experience in similar responsibilities.

How to Apply:
Send CV's to;