Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Project Field Officers Jobs at Tanzania Teachers Without Boarders Project

Job Title: Teachers (Project Field Officers)

Employer: Tanzania Teachers Without Boarders Project

Duty Station: Mwanza; Mbeya, Mara, Arusha, Tanga, Mtwara, Ruvuma, Geita and Kigoma

Application Deadline: 31 August, 2013

Job ID No: 8944

Employment Opportunities: 120 Vacancies

TTWB-Project Description;

Tanzania Teachers Without Boarders Project (TTWB-Project) is the schools-education support
program designed to employ professional and freelance teachers (Project Field Officers ) to
rural primary and secondary schools in rural. This project is will train and employ graduates in
various teaching profession for one year contract. The project is targeting 8 regions namely;
Mwanza; Mbeya, Mara, Arusha, Tanga, Mtwara, Ruvuma and Geita, and Kigoma as an
additional region. The applications for Mtwara Region are enough and please don’t apply
under Mtwara as your region of preference because we have already received enough
Tanzania is currently facing shortage of teachers in the rural areas, despite the government
initiative of allocating many rural job stations to new employed teachers. But still many
teachers have transferred from their original rural job stations to urban schools, about 20% of
all new employed teachers in rural schools quit their jobs every year and join with private
schools because of beautiful salary package and other benefits. From ministerial statistical
data from the government of Tanzania, it is approximated that about 30% off all teachers quit
their jobs because of minimal salary scale as well as poor working condition.
TTWB-Project is implemented by an international NGO “Teachers Organization” from United
Kingdom. Teachers Organization is an international organization which enriches the personal
and professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and
pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice,
the academic lives of their students and on their school communities.
This program is designed to capacitate teachers to happily feel free work in rural areas
by providing employment opportunities with good working environment to 120 teachers
who will be working as Project Field Officers/Teachers in teaching various subject in 9
identified regions in Tanzania after the inclusion of Kigoma region


Tanzania Teachers Without Boarders Project 2013/2014 is expecting to employ 120 teachers
from Tanzania Mainland. TTWB-Project is targeting only beneficiaries who are teachers in
profession, this involves who has education qualification(social science subjects, science
subjects and others) and can teach the following subjects, History, Geography, Chemistry,
Biology, Physics, Economics, Commerce, Book Keeping, Swahili, and English.
i. Already employed teachers who are working in rural primary and secondary schools
can apply for Part Time Basis.
ii. College and University Graduate possessing certificate, diploma or bachelor degree
related to Education and Social Science subjects eg. sociology, and community
development, education
iii. Already employed applicants, who will be employed under part time basis must
ensure that they can fulfill their obligations as per our contract
iv. All applicants must be willing to work in any school assigned to them as teachers.
v. Enthusiasm for, and ability in, their chosen subject area and teaching vi. High-level organisational skills
vii. Able to communicate concepts and instructions clearly
viii. Enjoy working with teenage children
ix. Patient when dealing with students of differing abilities and cultures
x. Acceptance of the rights and needs of all individuals
xi. Prepared to work outside of school hours.

Duties and Responsibilities;

i. Prepare daily lessons and long-term teaching programs in accordance with
state or territory curriculum and guidelines
ii. Teach assigned subjects using a variety of methods, including formal
lessons, discussions, practical activities, experiments, projects, assignments
and excursions, taking into account the differences between individual
iii. Use information technology to assist with lesson preparation, teaching and
iv. Set tests, exams, projects, assignments and homework; mark and correct
assessments; and sort the results
v. Evaluate and report on the progress of students and discuss individual
performance and problems with students and parents
vi. Establish and maintain good working habits and discipline in classrooms and
throughout the school
vii. Supervise extra classes when other teachers are absent
viii. Supervise students in the yard during lunchtime and other breaks
ix. Carry out relevant administrative duties
x. Attend staff meetings, educational conferences and other professional
development activities
xi. Coordinate work experience and school-industry programs
xii. Participate in other activities in partnership with parents and the school
community, including parent/teacher nights, school council and other
xiii. Assist in organising sporting events, camping trips and other excursions
xiv. Coordinate administrative support programs and the work of non-teaching
staff in schools
xv. Network with other teachers, work with other staff to revise the school's
policies and curriculum to reflect changing student needs and government

How to Apply:

Tanzania Teachers Without Boarders Project 2013/2014 is expecting to employ 120 teachers
from Tanzania Mainland(The additional 20 is due to additional of one region into the project).
TTWB-Project is targeting only beneficiaries who have knowledge and experience in teaching,
this involves,those who have qualification and can teach the following subjects, Mathematics
History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Commerce, Book Keeping,
Swahili, and English.
The application is open to anyone who fits the description and thinks that he/she will need
assistance in achieving his dream towards becoming a great teacher in supporting rural
i. Send us your cover letter and CV Only (In word format or PDF) to this email: SEND ONLY ONE EMAIL FOR JOB APPLICATION
ii. Send us a soft copy of your passport size (Coloured)
iii.When sending your email please follow this instructions
Subject: TTWB-Project, (Certificate, Diploma or Degree) then your Name, and Your Region of
E.g Subject: TTWB-Project, Diploma or Degree, Josephat Brigit, Ruvuma
iii. Application Dead Line: 31 August, 2013, The applications for Mtwara are already full so


Benefits, Salary Package and Remuneration;

TTWB-Project is expecting to employ 100 teachers (from colleges, and universities), who will
be working on a contract basis.

Employed Teachers will benefit from the following
• Salary Package Range: Tshs 400,000 - 960,000/= Net salary per month
depending on the level of education and type of contract(full time or part
• Teaching Allowances: Tshs 50,000-100,000/= per month (Amount varies
depending on either one part time or full time staff)
• Accommodation Allowance: Tshs 100,000/= per month
• Teaching and Learning Equipment: 1 Laptop per teacher, text books and
various teaching materials and handout.
• Health Insurance (For those who are not yet enrolled in any health insurance
• And other benefits in accordance to the laws of Tanzania