Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Head of Revenue Assurance Jobs at MIC Tanzania Limited ( TiGO )

Job Title: Head of Revenue Assurance

Employer: MIC Tanzania Limited ( TiGO )

Duty Station:  Dar Es Salaam

Application Deadline: 10th August 2013

Job ID #: 800

Job Role
You are responsible to assure all revenue streams, minimize leakages and fraud, ensure quality of products and mitigate margin and cash risks

Key Responsibilities

• Cover Revenue and Billing processes end to end to minimize leakages/fraud and to ensure adequate controls are embedded in the process to cover risks.  Partner with Commercial, Technical Finance etc to ensure the highest level of assurance.
• Ongoing monitoring of Usage Generation, Processing , Rating & Billing of rated and free/packaged products for all revenue streams including but not limited to voice, data, MFS & Cable
• Ensure the Quality of products through product assurance of new and ongoing products
• Ongoing Automation of revenue assurance and Billing controls and alarms
• Monitor Bypass traffic and put in place measures to Control and reduce grey/bypass traffic and loss of revenues due to bypass
• Monitor compliance with internal controls on revenue cash and margin related processes
• Analyze Risks on revenue, cash and margins and implement measures to mitigate identified risks and to ensure highest levels of leakage avoidance in line with industry best practices
• Implement measures to detect and prevent revenue and margin related fraud
• Participate in active sharing of knowledge within the operation and sharing of revenue assurance knowledge with peers in other operations
• Validate accuracy of data used for reporting


• Technical/IT-Computer science/Finance Degree
• Over 5 years’ experience  out of which 3 years in the telecommunications industry
• Preferably at least 2 years previous revenue assurance, audit or risk management experience
• Good Knowledge of the Telecommunications Industry and the Network
• Knowledge of Database and Query Tools

How to Apply:

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